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Welcome to the world of the Atomic Butcher!

This site has been up for a good four years now, and I really wanted to re-design it, but somehow I always lost the motivation to actually do so.
Right now, I actually am working on a new site design which will be up in the nearer future, so please bear with us just a little bit longer.
Click on the links above to view screenshots or download the game.

If you have played the game through and want to know the cheat-codes, well, you'll find them here.

Oh yeah, and before you play it ... either read the manual here or the readme.txt in the game archive!


This game features the following:

  • 360 seamless aiming
  • perfect moon walk of our "hero"
  • 7 distinctive weapons
  • 47 different enemies
  • 10 levels full of unnecessary violence
  • lots of secrets
  • a powerful particle system
  • a simple scripting engine
  • even more unnecessary violence

News / Announcements

  • We are sorry to inform you that it appears the sequel Atomic Butcher 2: Son of the Butcher is put on ice. The guy who was originally working on it seized his efforts, and we at Das Humankapital moved on to a new project, so better not expect a sequel any time soon.
  • We just noticed that the game was downloaded more than 10.000 times. Thanks to all! When we released the game we were expecting some 50 downloads, maybe, and said we'd be absolutely happy with 100. Now it's 10.000. Astonishing.
  • We have been honored to be reviewed by Ytanium, a great ressource for freeware games. Atomic Butcher has received an award!
  • Atomic Butcher has been on the Cover CD of the Australian magazine PC User.
  • Atomic Butcher has been declared a Top Dog on The-Underdogs, another really great site.

A little bit about history...

When we started our project in January 2004, all we knew was that we'd like to make "some kind of jump'n'run", and that it should be a small "quick and dirty" game. Both of us had already tried to program games on their own before that, but usually we didn't come very far (...a common ill with indie game programmers), so our idea was to "join forces" and, for a start, create a really simple game with the only goal of getting it finished, whatever it was.

So, without any real planing, we just started coding like mad and, after a few days (and nights) of programming we had a simple tilemap with scrolling and a particle system. We were sure that this would take no longer than a month, maybe two. But somehow the whole thing got out of hand after a while, and when we saw that our code (we never dared to call it an "engine" due to a total lack of architectural planning) was actually working, we started stuffing feature after feature in it, even though the core of our game was never designed for it...

Now, almost a year later, Atomic Butcher is finally finished, and it's truly a miracle that it actually works. The code grew bloated and became ugly as hell, filled with heaps of hacks to circumvent our lack of planning in the first place. But it is done now (and didn't turn out THAT bad, we think), and we are actually quite proud of our first finished game, even though there are a lot of obvious flaws with it...and we learned a lot for our future releases, which will definitely come! (Even though it may take a while...)

Thanks for reading through all this drivel, and have fun with the ATOMIC BUTCHER! (And don't take anything in it too serious...)

Das Humankapital.

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