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In this small article you'll learn how to use the in-game console of Atomic Butcher.

Preparing the game

By default, the console is disabled, since it was used for testing/debugging/balancing purposes only and was not meant to be available to the public. The heck, who cares, the console can't be hidden anyway (you'd just have to read the .exe file in a hex-editor), so why make things more complicated than they are?

You just have to launch the .exe file with the command line parameter " -dev" (without the quotation marks). The console will open by hitting TAB.

Some notes before you get started...

As the console was originally intent to serve as a tool for us, we didn't put much effort into making it user-friendly or stable, so be aware that the console might crash the game!

The console requires a command, followed by arguments (if there are any). A sample of a valid console command might be: map map3 [ENTER]

The parser evaluates case insensitive, so you might as well type mAP MaP3. Stupid example, but you should get the idea ;)

The console commands

Here you'll find what you've been waiting for so long now...the key to the core of the game: a listing of all available console commands!

If you've played the game through, you should have received a password at the end of the game. You can use this password to display all the cheat codes!





info none Displays informations about the current version of the game. No more, no less.
map mapname Loads the map mapname. mapname might be anything from map1 to map10
quit none Quits the game at once. Pressing F10 is faster, though ;)
show_fps 0, 1 Displays or hides the current FPS. Pass 0 to hide, 1 to display.
bind key event_code Binds an event-code to a key. A list of possible keys and event-codes will be added later! This is the way to go to customize controls.
pos none Displays the current position on the map (in tile coordinates).

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